Are You in Love?
Find out in this simple quiz!
  • 1. What's your faverite color? *stands face to face with you* (you won't hit me)
  • 2. Do you miss her/him every day?
  • 3. How long is she/he able to be out of your sight?
  • 4. What games would you like to play with her/him?
  • 5. What do you want to try with her?
  • 6. What would you NOT allow your girl/boy do?
  • 7. where do you wanna touch her/him other than their lips, neck, and hips
  • 8. Where would you kiss Him/Her?
  • 9. Where would you bite him/her?
  • 10. Where would you leave a hickie?
  • 11. Your boy/girl is upste what do you do?