What Twilight Character are you?
Find out which character you're most like. Are you Bella? Are you Edward? Find out now!
  • 1. If someone you trusted called you names infront of everyone, how would you react?
  • 2. If your friend decided they were gonna do something stupid, what would you do?
  • 3. You are free Saturday Night. You:
  • 4. Your Fashion Style is:
  • 5. Your Fave shoes are:
  • 6. Fave Colour?
  • 7. If you were an Animal, what would would it be?
  • 8. It's prom and you don't know what to wear. In the end you go for:
  • 9. It's nearly your friends Birthday. You give them:
  • 10. You are the new girl/boy at school and you have no friends. What you do you do?
  • 11. What's your favourite flavour Ice-Cream?
  • 12. What answer do you want to get at the end of this quiz?