Are you and youre bff really bff's
find out in this quiz bffs foreva
  • 1. How often do you and you Bff hang out?
  • 2. How much do you call her?
  • 3. Do you enjoy being with him/her?
  • 4. Do you feel comfortable around her/his family?
  • 5. Does she/he come to your house alot?
  • 6. Have you guys broken up in the past month?
  • 7. Are you and your Bff able to finish each others sentence?
  • 8. Do you love you bff like a sister or a brother?
  • 9. When people talk about your best friend what do you do?
  • 10. Do you like having him/her as a best friend
  • 11. Is you bff fun
  • 12. Would you ever call 911 on your best friend