wath caracteristic match you the best?
found out your best caracteristic!
  • 1. if sombody ask you for help on their homwork wath would you say:
  • 2. can you touch your nose with your tonge?
  • 3. do you have a boy friend or girl friend?
  • 4. if somwon insult you wath will you do?
  • 5. if your dad gave you a new car wath will you do?
  • 6. wath will be your your reaction if you change school
  • 7. wath is your fav color?
  • 8. do you wheir glasses?
  • 9. wath do your friends think of you?
  • 10. wath is your fav. thing at school?
  • 11. if a friend says: there is a sell at ferview wath will you say:
  • 12. wath is your eye colors?
  • 13. if you see saturn trought your telescope wath will be your reaction?
  • 14. do you like somewon?
  • 15. if your parents say tath your grownded wath will you do?
  • 16. wath is your fav. color?
  • 17. wath is your fav. animal?
  • 18. how old are you???