What video game bad a** are you?
Find out what type of videogame bad a** you are, careful, not all are that "baddassy"
  • 1. You are asked multiple missions to complete, which one do you do best?
  • 2. What is your weapon choice for that particular mission (All have their uses)
  • 3. How do you kill someone?
  • 4. YOu want to go have some fun, what do you do
  • 5. describe yourself
  • 6. who's your friend?
  • 7. what time era are you from
  • 8. What are your motives
  • 9. Who employs you?
  • 10. someone sees you on the street, what do they think?
  • 11. What's yourfavorite movie
  • 12. are you human?
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