What Battlefield 3 character are you?
Which character best resembles you.
  • 1. What matters the most to you?
  • 2. If you were asked to lead a team into battle how would you plan your attack?
  • 3. If you had to pick a weapon it would be?
  • 4. How would you describe yourself?
  • 5. If a friend was wounded in the battlefield you would?
  • 6. If you were in the Marines/Spetsnaz which would you prefer?
  • 7. You are asked to blowup a building but don't know who is inside, what do you do?
  • 8. When a comrade dies you do what?
  • 9. If you could have or be one thing what would it be?
  • 10. Who is your favorite character in BF3?