Which Maximum Ride Character Are You?
Wanna know who you are in Maximum Ride? FIND OUT!
  • 1. Some qualities that you look for in a friend, are:
  • 2. It's time for a fashion show! What will you wear?
  • 3. Happy birthday, to you! What do want to get?
  • 4. Someone comes up to you, and asks you for your allegiance. He explains to you why, what do you do? Join, or decline?
  • 5. You find a puppy in the sewer while on the run. The baddies are getting closer, what do you do?
  • 6. What are you most well known for?
  • 7. Your on vacation, where do you want to go?
  • 8. What emoticon suits you?
  • 9. Accessories! What would you get?
  • 10. Who do you hope to get?
  • 11. What kind of bird wings do you have?
  • 12. What are your worst fears?