What Hunger Games Character Are You?
who are you?!
  • 1. What would you do if you were up in a tree and people from other districts come to kill you? you
  • 2. How do you plan to survive?
  • 3. Would you volenteer for someone you love?
  • 4. Would you read the book before the movie
  • 5. How will you know someone from another district was near you?
  • 6. What was your favorite scene?
  • 7. What would you do ounce you won?
  • 8. What is you district design?
  • 9. What are some Hunger Games hunting styles?
  • 10. Whats your favorite district?
  • 11. How would you rate this quiz on a scale of 1-10?
  • 12. How would you rate The Hunger Games?