what candy are you?
are you a hershey's kiss, a sour patch kid, an M&M, a Mr.Goodbar, a jolly rancher, or a rolo
  • 1. if your friend was in trouble what would you do? even if it means getting dirty
  • 2. what's you're favorite color
  • 3. how often do you eat candy
  • 4. if someone hit you how would you react
  • 5. what do you think you'll be
  • 6. if your BFF was having a bad day what would you do
  • 7. if your bf/gf broke up with you what would you do
  • 8. what's your fave scent?
  • 9. where are you most likely to go on a first date
  • 10. what do you do in your spare time
  • 11. how do like this quiz
  • 12. i think it is dumb that i have to have twelve questions! am i over reacting