what type of person are you?
find out which of the four types of people are you, you will learn who your enemies and friends are.
  • 1. you see someone on the side of a road
  • 2. you're friend has been in the bathroom for hours, and you think she's crying
  • 3. favourite video game
  • 4. ideal profession
  • 5. a guy is getting mugged in a back ally
  • 6. do you like animals
  • 7. do you only friend someone "if you know them personaly"
  • 8. what is the first letter of your last name?
  • 9. what was the last game you played on Facebook/most played
  • 10. how often do you write on your friends wall
  • 11. favorite type of music
  • 12. are you sensitive
  • 13. why did you take this quiz
  • 14. which charity would you give money to
  • 15. are you sick of answering questions and want to see your results?
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