What is Your Inner Beast?
Discover the Wild Creature Within You...
  • 1. If you were to see someone in the street being robbed, you would...
  • 2. If you were an animal what would you be?
  • 3. You got in a fight in a parking lot. What now?
  • 4. What is your favorite subject in school?
  • 5. What is your favorite color?
  • 6. If someone told you your boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating on you, you would...
  • 7. What type of music do you listen to most often?
  • 8. How many friends do you have?
  • 9. If the world was going to end in 24 hours what would you do?
  • 10. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be of and where?
  • 11. What would your ideal job be?
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