do you think that WWIII going to be real or fake
tkae this quiz and find out (I dont believe in WW3)
  • 1. Who do you think will be the bad guys
  • 2. Who do you think will be the good guys
  • 3. Have you played WW3 Trilogy games or saw them on TV and Why
  • 4. Do you think if Russia was one of the Alliences, will they use the AK47
  • 5. What do you think will happen after WW3 if there was one
  • 6. Do you think the Greater Korean Republic from Homefront will invade USA in 2025 (Kim-jong il died as seen in Homefront's Future History Trailer)
  • 7. what technology do you think that will be used during this war if there was one
  • 8. Do you think that Joseph Kony and the LRA (search Kony 2012 on youtube) is an allience
  • 9. What do you think of this test