The Sorting Hat
Are you a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?
  • 1. There's a big test coming up, you:
  • 2. You're at a carnival with friends and there's a big rollar coaster:
  • 3. You're eating out with friends when the check comes, after everyone puts in there money you all realize the total is 10$ short:
  • 4. In Quidditch you would be:
  • 5. You're in the middle of a test and you see a friend cheating:
  • 6. What are your goals?
  • 7. You're afraid of elevators, but you have to get to the top floor of a tall building to pick up friend:
  • 8. You meet your friend at a sushi restaurant, she's already ordered a very strange dish for both of you:
  • 9. You've decided you want to eat healthier and exersize more often, how do go about it?
  • 10. With your friends:
  • 11. A job you might take:
  • 12. Who's your favourite character in Harry Potter and why?
  • 13. What do you think about imagination?
  • 14. What house do you WANT to be in?
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