What level of Hell are you destined for?
  • 1. You see a reflection of yourself in the mirror. Your reaction?
  • 2. Your wedding day is finally here! You guest of honor is?
  • 3. You just won a trip to a country of your choosing! Where do you go?
  • 4. Yor son just married a man name Big Jim. Your reaction?
  • 5. Their is a global pandemic. What do you do to survive?
  • 6. You are you. So who are you?
  • 7. The movie that defines you is which of the following.
  • 8. Your favorite gun is?
  • 9. Your view on death is?
  • 10. What racial slur do you like the most?
  • 11. Did you just feel guilty for answering the previous question?
  • 12. What do you do to get out of hell?
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