What element would you bend?
from ATLAB
  • 1. You stumble upon a clearing and two fire benders are fighting an Agni Kai for marriage. What do you do to stop them?
  • 2. A young child stumbles into you and runs off. You realize moments later that he has picked your pocket. What do you do?
  • 3. Pick one.
  • 4. Where would you live?
  • 5. Your base as the top of the mountain is under attack. What do you do?
  • 6. Which season where you born in?
  • 7. Which season do you associate you with?
  • 8. What would you say is your best personailty trait.
  • 9. An officer comes up to you and blames you for a crime you didnt commit. You..
  • 10. You and two your best friends are in a war. You confront a group of benders. In battle, one friend is deeply wounded. What do you do?