What eye color says about you.
Everyone is born with blue eyes but shortly after birth the color begins to change. many factors play a role in the color.
  • 1. It is true that peoples eyes will change in color or intensity when there moods change. What color are your eyes?
  • 2. what do your moods tell us about your eye color?
  • 3. Skin tones have nothing to do with the color of your eyes
  • 4. What you wear makes your eyes stand out.
  • 5. What climate do you feel your best
  • 6. At what point did your eyes change colors from the typical BABY BLUE we are all born with to your curent color?
  • 7. Do you like the color of you eyes? if you do click on the color, if not click on the color you wish you had.
  • 8. Whos eyes do your look most like?
  • 9. Tell us the dream job you have always wanted
  • 10. How many kids did you think you would grow up to have
  • 11. When you get upset do people try to comfort you or try and stay away from you?
  • 12. When your Birthday comes around, do people always want to take you out?
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