What Game of Thrones Character are you? [Male]
Which character of this great show resembles you best?
  • 1. Your lord demands you all sort of things. How do you respond?
  • 2. What would you see as your best skill?
  • 3. You have an encounter and the other person reacts rude towards you.
  • 4. Your pridest possession is something like?
  • 5. Which of these is the highest on your list of goals?
  • 6. Your idea of love, family and marriage?
  • 7. How would you rule your empire?
  • 8. You won the fight, You..
  • 9. The poor in the city offer a proposal which might cost some gold.
  • 10. During a speech, How would you greet the people?
  • 11. Your appearance as king is best described as..?
  • 12. Your path to the throne goes like..?