Are you an a**hole?
find out whether your an a**hole or a goody goody
  • 1. if someone came up to you and asked for a dollar you would?
  • 2. if there was someone hot next to you at the bar how would you get their attention?
  • 3. your spouse comes home from a long day at work you...
  • 4. its christmas morning and you are opening the presents they bought you and you say?
  • 5. a co-worker just took credit for your work you...
  • 6. your friends kid just spilled juice all over your brand new shirt you...
  • 7. how do you think you are doing on this quiz?
  • 8. whats your favorite color?
  • 9. whats your favorite movie?
  • 10. favorite band?
  • 11. its April Fools Day you...
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