What do you fear most
What is your biggest fear
  • 1. when you are asleep what do you dream of most?
  • 2. During a storm what is your worste fear?
  • 3. when your walking down the street what do you look out for?
  • 4. when I say the word "movie" what is the first thing you think of?
  • 5. what is the one thing you could NOT live without?
  • 6. what drudges up the thought of more boogeymen than any other?
  • 7. what would be your biggest fear on a hiking trail?
  • 8. what from your earliest recolection do you remember fearing most?
  • 9. If you came across a cave what would be the one reason you WOULDNT enter?
  • 10. If the Zombies attacked what would you fear most?
  • 11. what one thing would stop you from making love?
  • 12. what is the one thing that keeps you awake at night more than any other?
  • 13. what is your worste fear when traveling?
  • 14. If you were a super hero what would be your bane?
  • 15. what one thing could you give up the easiest?
  • 16. what is the biggest threat in a big city?
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