What NBA basketball player are you?
This is 100% accurate.
  • 1. Whats your best skill in basketball?
  • 2. Are your ball handling skills good?
  • 3. How much do you know of basketball?
  • 4. Are you good at rebounding?
  • 5. If you've ever played on a basketball team, how many points did you average?
  • 6. How many assists do you think you can get a game?
  • 7. Your friend calls you to hang with some girls but your practicing basketball for your schools tryouts, what do you do?
  • 8. Are you fast?
  • 9. Whats your position in basketball?
  • 10. Do you play other sports?
  • 11. Whats your mile time?
  • 12. Whats the best part of basketball?