What do you need most in a relationship?
You might be surprised!
  • 1. It's the 2nd month into your relationship and your bf/gf says he/she loves you, whats your reaction?
  • 2. you are at a party and your bf/gf knows everyone and is talking to them laughing and having a good time but you dont know anyone and no one is talking to you, how do you react to this situation?
  • 3. You are out on a romantic date and your bf/gfs friend of the opposite sex comes up and hugs your bf/gf your bf/gf explains that they were once close friends, how does the affect you?
  • 4. would you give an x a second chance?
  • 5. how to breakups affect you ?
  • 6. Favorite color?
  • 7. Biggest fear ?
  • 8. what sounds most appealing to you?
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