What magical creature are you?
Are you a Fairy,Angel ,Unicorn,or even some thing else all together?
  • 1. What element are you?And what are you most like?
  • 2. What time of day or night do you love the most?the smell the feel ever thing!!!?
  • 3. Which one suits you the best..
  • 4. Where do you feel the most comfortable at?
  • 5. What color suit's you best???maybe how you feel or what looks good on you.
  • 6. Pick one?first thing that you like..
  • 7. what one do you like?
  • 8. Pick one....
  • 9. How do you feel about drinking and doing drugs and smoking weed and cigarettes?
  • 10. What is the worst out of these to you?.....O.o
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