Where will you end up in 20 years?
Find out the great things that wait in your future!
  • 1. OMG... We're going on a trip to...
  • 2. There's a fire what are you grabbing this very second if there was one?
  • 3. Your favorite holiday...
  • 4. Look to your right... what is the coolest thing you see?
  • 5. What is the most annoying thing about school???
  • 6. You forgot your cellphone for the weekend how many messages in ur inbox?
  • 7. You are wathcing tv... what show is on if you got to pick?
  • 8. Cant wait for...
  • 9. If i had 1million dollars i...
  • 10. The mall is closing in 30 minutes... Where do you go>
  • 11. What will you do when you're done taking this quiz????
  • 12. Who is your favourite celebrity?
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