When will you die?
The most accurate death quiz to date.
  • 1. What is your favorite color?
  • 2. How many good friends would you say you have?
  • 3. How do you drive?
  • 4. What's your idea of a good time?
  • 5. What would you consider your favorite animal of these choices?
  • 6. What type of music do you listen to?
  • 7. How often do you drink/smoke?
  • 8. Do you use drugs?
  • 9. What car would you drive if you had the money to afford it?
  • 10. How much money do you expect to make a year in the career you choose?
  • 11. How many kids do you have? or plan on having?
  • 12. How many times a day do you eat?
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